Video – How to install WHATSAPP on PC

YouTube user xNAILEDxITx post this great video. Thank you xNAILEDxITx.

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  1. pipiviche says:

    uhm when i click install, it tells me application not installed

    why is this ?

  2. stan says:

    the same problem..any 1 to answer

  3. admin says:

    Are you folks using old versions? Try the latest YouWave. It works.

  4. Rithika says:

    Is 14.99 a one time fee ? or yearly ?

  5. tamara says:

    hi .. i have youwave v(2.2.0) is this latest version ? and i installed it but when i try to double click on whatsapp to install it it keeps saying “Android OS not ready .please wait a few seconds before retrying” am using windows 7 ..and i tried to uninstall it and re install it nothing is working i keep seeing a black screen then it types android is downloading then i get a white screen with “you wave for android” and thats it i waited 3 hours nothing changed .. thnx.

  6. virginni says:

    great !! thanks a lot

  7. gavin says:

    Hi…can i install youwave, pay the one off subscription for it…. get a new computet and install it on the new one after i have deleted it off of the old onr, without having to pay for it again??



  9. Interested in software (whatsapp to pc)

  10. shruti says:

    i have successfully installed youwave.. bt when i try 2 install whatsapp on that page,its saying- you do not have the permission to open this page…what shall i do

  11. Ricky Pujara says:

    “The applications has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” message when you need to use the app most. Why do Android apps ‘Force Close’?

    • admin says:

      If you see the “force close” issue, in most cases, clearing the data will resolve the issue. Go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select the app->Clear data.

  12. Grame says:

    I have a problem, when i enter international phone numbers, if I do not do +011852 and the phone number the whatsapp icon will not show next to the contact. When I send a message to this contact this way I only get one green check not two. Can you tell me why?
    Also, what is the best way to enter contact that the whatsapp icon will show next to the contact?

  13. Peter says:

    Hi Grame. All conacts for WhatsApp needs to be in an international format. ans you said +XXX codes. WhatsApp will link all contacts with the numbers what have whatsapp installed. here is a guide if you are using GO Contacts app for yourwave

    hope this helps.

  14. LaetiSan says:

    The music in the video is awesome, who are they?

  15. Nitesh says:

    i have successfully installed youwave.. bt when i try 2 install whatsapp on that page,its saying- you do not have the permission to open this page…what shall i do..please help me

  16. Vica says:

    ‘You do not have permission to open this page’ soo what will I doch ? -.-

  17. dan says:

    hey im using youwave 4.1.2… whatsapp fails with sms verification (expected) but also with call verification… it doesnt make any call…
    any solution for this issue? thx

  18. suman says:

    i have installed it..! but its not opening..! is d graphic card important for it???

  19. inder pujara says:

    heat is waiting to get on

  20. ankita says:

    why os is not ready in my pc why doing this

    • admin says:

      Please perform an “Android Factory Reset” to see whether it can recover. If not, please reinstall the program.

  21. manish says:

    Error :”OS is not ready please try after some interval” on clicking any application.

  22. satish says:

    plz let me know how to chat and add friends in whatsapp using youwave

  23. shAKKUURR says:


  24. jerin says:

    when i am opening the installed whatsapp file it is showing that “SORRY! the application whatsapp (processcom.whatsapp) has stopped unespectedly please try again ” pls help me out from this issue…..!!!

  25. avinash says:

    hey how can i send the voice message to my frds….by using whatsapp in you wave

  26. ajay says:

    please tell me how to download watsapp app in youwave

  27. Poornima Nair says:

    how to download the youwave…and the licence agreement

    • admin says:

      Download YouWave from When you install YouWave software, please review its license agreement.

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