Why people would run Android apps on a PC

Some people questioned us why people would run Android apps on a pc. They pointed out that pc lacks GPS and motion sensors that make mobile app experience enriching so it is hard to get the full experience out of many apps if they are running on pc. The benefits of running Android apps on pc are: * A large screen that enhances app experience; * No need to worry about exhausting phone’s battery; * Multitasking; * Easily taking screen-shots or record videos; * Demo and presentation. Mobile trend has attracted many developers who are creating large number of high quality apps for mobile devices. While many apps utilize phone sensors to provide a whole new mobile experience, most apps would have been run just right on a pc if they were written as desktop applications in the first place. And for some apps, the experience would be better if they are run on a pc with a larger screen. Playing a game on my HTC Desire, which has a larger screen than that of iPhone, tires my eyes after awhile. Some games exhaust the phone battery very quickly. YouWave is a tool which was created just for this purpose – bridging the gap between mobile and pc computing, enriching the app experience, and allowing people who do not even have a smart phone to enjoy what the mobile revolution has to offer. By doing so, YouWave creates a new way of mobile app consumption. Additionally, I would also make the following clear: YouWave cannot and does not attempt to replace an Android phone. It is not our goal. Some apps require smartphone hardware sensors to run properly. They may not run well in youwave. Give us your feedback on how we can improve the product as I believe that our imagination is our only limitation. Eugene Huang Founder, YouWave Fremont, California

3 Responses to Why people would run Android apps on a PC

  1. Derek says:

    I’ve been using this program for awhile now and I like it. However, I do wish that it had two things:

    a) being able to launch an app directly with a shortcut. Perhaps a command line. (example: android -angrybirds.apk)

    and b) being able to full screen the android window and/or minimizing that annoying window to the left side.

  2. Eugene says:

    Thanks for your comment. The team is working on improving the user experience. Stay tuned.

  3. mike says:

    i use this program since a week and i start to like it every day more,but also i have a little complain about it and hope that it will get better but if you guys can make a option that the screen is better sized because sometime you just cant see the full screen and a x button to remove the left side of the program.but im very thankfull for this programm because i prefer android over windows.so keep on the good job

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