Version 2.0.0 is released

Today we are announcing the availability of YouWave for Android 2.0.0, which supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has many improvements, such as dynamic rotating and retractable control panel. YouWave version 2.0.0 will have a price with a trial period. YouWave was founded on a vision that imagination is our only limitation. It has been a long way since we released our first free version last year. Our latest free version 1.5.1 has been widely received. We are glad that the product is loved by many android enthusiasts, gamers, and developers. To continue serving this vibrant community and to make YouWave a better product, we have determined that a reasonable pricing structure is needed to defray development costs and to enable us to develop more cutting edge features. In the long term, this will benefit our user community and our company. We believe that our users and YouWave are together creating and experiencing something extraordinary. The best is always ahead of us. Thank you for your support. Eugene and KH

7 Responses to Version 2.0.0 is released

  1. plaban says:

    Thanks for this great software.

  2. John says:

    PAYWARE!? 15 DOLLARS? No way, switching to Android x86 that is FREE! (But maybe i can lurk up the 1.5.1 installer on my harddrive.)

    • admin says:

      We encourage our users to try other alternatives. As a matter of fact, many of them turned to YouWave after some alternatives disappointed them. If 1.5.1 still works for you, we also recommend you continue using it.

      Here, a few more words about the paid version. After almost one year of releasing YouWave for free, we found ourselves have more features to do to satisfy our users’ demand. These tasks cannot be completed with the free version model. The truth is, no team can complete these tasks without compensation. Then it becomes our logic: if the market asks for a greater YouWave, let the market pay for it. This position also filters out many noises of fake demands. If you want it, come and get it.

      We also appreciate our paid customers’ support. It is your support that makes the project sustainable. Please stay tuned for more interesting developments…

      • andy says:

        Youwave can not run many android apps like talking tom cat ..I think maybe android X86 is free and ok

        • admin says:

          Yes, but YouWave can run much more apps than those it cannot run. And in our opinion, an integrated product is always a better choice for end users. It was our key motivation for starting YouWave and it will continue to be.

  3. Chris says:

    Maybe an idea to make a full (paid) version, and a free -not committed to time- ‘trial’ version with less options? Love the program so far, works fine and I understand you can’t work without getting paid…
    Many big companies use the tactic of giving stuff for free, so people are more tent to buy the stuff for more options when they see the trial doesn’t fit their needs anymore. You (as in ‘the developers’) give only 4 days of trial, well, I used one of them since I was out of town the other three of them. Do you really expect me to buy something for $15 if I don’t even know how it really works?
    As said before, I really appreciate the work and especially the outcome, but you might want to consider your sale tactics on it.

    • Eugene says:

      Thank you for your candid feedback. We are constantly considering different options. Certainly we listen to our users. As a matter of fact, you can reinstall YouWave and get another 4 day trial. At this stage, we do not want to mess up with users’ computers to prevent reinstalling. However, this short period is to discourage intentional constant reinstalling (it took only one minute to do so). If you have more suggestions on how we can do better to serve our users and at the same time, to protect our interest, please let us know.

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