Oops. Too much traffic so Dropbox disabled YouWave’s download link on Dropbox.

To offload the download traffic on our site, yesterday we tentatively loaded YouWave software to Dropbox and hoped Dropbox’s massive servers can easily handle our traffic.

After more than 10 hours, the download link is disabled. This message is shown:

Any suggestions on how we can handle the increasingly large traffic?

8 Responses to Oops. Too much traffic so Dropbox disabled YouWave’s download link on Dropbox.

  1. Simplenova says:

    The only way is to load them to google. Probably sign up an agreement with google or something like that? Google servers are massive and capable of handling a lot of traffic.

  2. Maurice Easter says:

    when is the ice cream sandwich version release,cant wait.Please….thanks

  3. Maurice Easter says:

    my tablet screen broke and youwave is the only thing keeping me sane.Please release the ice cream sandwich version of youwave

  4. 6677 says:

    2 options:

    1) find another file share. Mediafire works ok, I prefer dropbox and some less tech savvy users seem to click on the ads more than the download links though for some reason.

    2) Distribute a torrent. Torrents may be frowned upon due to their links with pirated content but it is a perfectly valid way of distributing large files with very little supporting infrastructure. Again, less tech savvy users may not have a clue how to download a torrent.

  5. Thomas says:

    adrive(dot)com might be able to work for you I don’t know the download limitations but it could be worth a try

  6. jack says:

    hi you can try Google Project Hosting at : code dot google dot com

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