Just the beginning of a new trend

In the last post, I wrote about this new form of mobile app consumption that YouWave has created. We believe that this is a very early stage of a large trend. Here, I would like to show you how our users are currently using YouWave. Most our current users are gamers who prefer the comfort of a large screen to play the games that they like. Our user feedback shows us some of popular games currently running under youwave platform: Alchemy, a simple yet fun and extremely addictive puzzle game. You create hundreds of elements from four basic ones – earth, water, air and fire. Game Dev Story Lite, a small, cute, strategy game about starting a game studio. Wordfeud Free, an addictive free crossword style multiplayer word game iMobster, a free multiplayer online mafia game with over 1.6 million players. Players fight other players live. Another group of our users is Android app developers, who do not like the slow and cumbersome SDK emulator to test their apps. They prefer our easy to use and high performance platform. As you can see, the possibilities of using YouWave for Android is limitless. It’s just a beginning. Eugene

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  1. Stacy Duty says:

    I am downloading YouWave as I write this. We are a Android development company that is creating the first business solution for the scrap and recycling industry that will print tickets, print reports to a local bluetooth mobile printer and allowing users to manage the app, re-print reports and tickets online from any internet connection. We have been waiting for BlueStacks because the larger majority of our users will use a large touch screen to use our application while the smaller segment will use an Android mobile device. 4 minutes left to download and the excitement builds to find out if we can offer YouWave as a solution to our customers allowing them to use our app on a full screen.

    Fingers Crossed.

    • Eugene says:

      When we first designed YouWave GUI, we visualized it as a casual testing tool and game console for users to try out some Android apps. We did not put in full screen feature. We actually thought, “Come on. It is a phone. Our screen size is big enough.” We put a console panel and a web panel into it. That is still the case in the current version 1.5.1.

      I think the fast proliferation of tablet changes the whole user perspective. And our users are really serious towards our product. They are no longer satisfied with our small screen.

      We are working on some improvements in the upcoming version 2.0.0. Stay tuned.

  2. mihai cosmin says:

    Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your website accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  3. Stacy Duty says:

    Curious if you can send print commands from android application to Wi-Fi printers? has anyone done this using YouWave?

    • Eugene says:

      If the PC can see the Wi-Fi printer, it is possible for YouWave to print to that printer. It is not hard to do. However, current YouWave version does not support it. Your post was the first feature request that we had seen to support printing.

      You have an existing app that can print from Android phone, right? Do you use some third-party printing apps, such as Printshare, Cloud Print, Cypria, or you developed your own printing functionality?

      There are potentially several ways to support printing in YouWave, with pros and cons. If you like to discuss in details, contact us at info at youwave dot com.


  4. Raji says:

    i am trying to get imobsters for youwave….but i cant download it over andapp….is there another way to get that game….???

  5. guinuexStinny says:

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  6. luanda says:

    i wanna ask..

    why i cant save any phone contact in youwave..
    it happened about 3 weeks ago
    i use youwave 1.5.1
    any suggestion?

    im sorry for my bad english

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