ICS version (Home 4.0.0) is released

On December 9, we released Home Version 4.0.0 which is an Android ICS version. We decided to add this as a separate product.

In this release, data sharing between Android and PC is supported!

It has been a long way. Thank you for all your support.

In your Gallery, you will see pictures in your C:\users\Public directory. You can copy your pictures to that directory and send them out through sharing apps such as WhatsApp.

To copy out the pictures and videos that other people sent to you, use the “Open Manager” app, explore to /sdcard/whatsapps and your files are in one of the sub-directories. Copy a file and paste it in /sdcard/c directory. The file will be actually copied to your C:\users\Public in your hard drive.

To copy a file in “Open Manager”, long click the file, then click “copy” at the top. To paste a file into /sdcard/c, go to /sdcard/ then long click “c” directory, then click the “…” at the upper right corner, choose “paste”. Now you have copied the file to your C:\users\Public directory.

To open “Open Manager”, follow these steps: Click the middle (app) button on your home screen. Flick (Drag) the screen to the left with your mouse (just like you would do on a touchscreen with your finger). “Open Manager” is here

6 Responses to ICS version (Home 4.0.0) is released

  1. Rajath says:

    I followed ur method for file transfer between pc and youwave….but i was not able to..my windows 7 is installed in D drive ..i transferred file to D/Users/public and searched in open manager in youwave sd card/C ….didn’t find it anywhere…i tried to vice verse by copying files to SDcard/C in you wave and i didn’t find it in my D drive on my comp……

    and another problem i faced …time in youwave does not synchronize with my computer time

    Please to solve my issue

  2. Rajath says:

    i mean Home version 4.0.2

  3. raj says:

    wow thanksssssssss…….great help, now i got grip over every function

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