Author Topic: What can I do when a app doesn't work (Extended Version)  (Read 12393 times)


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What can I do when a app doesn't work (Extended Version)
« on: August 30, 2013, 07:35:33 AM »
Why do I get the ARM Native Code error:
Some apps require GSM specific hardware for example: Cam, Mic, Video Card (3D), GPS & other hardware sensors, which is currently unsupported. This is why apps like Skype & Viber don't work because they require a mic to operate. BBM also has some ARM code. Flash and Closed source APIs are also known to cause problems.

ARM Native Code error & SidePanel
You may notice that installing certain apps thru the sidepanel triggers a ARM Native Code error, while this doesn't occur when installing thru the Android interface. This is because YouWave's sidepanel checks for ARM Native Code prior to importing & installing the app as a precaution.

Will YouWave support ARM?
We are developing solutions to support ARM, we will announce this upon completion. Meanwhile we do provide a list of known compatible apps.

What can I do?
As a user you can also request your app developper to add X86 support. Since it's only a one line change  in their code base. (eg: APP_ABI := x86)



1) Redownload & Re-install app
Sometimes apps get corrupted while uploading or downloading, we recommend trying a different source or different version to minimize the risk of corruption (eg: 1Mobile or

2) Try a older version of the app
Sometimes a developer decides to add unsupported code to it's software. This happened in the case of the FaceBook 2.0 and above. The latest workable FaceBook app is version 1.9.12
You can find older versions of apps thru or a archive-site like

3) Do a Android Factory Reset
For Home users:
- File > Android Factory Reset

For Basic users:
- Press windows + R
- type: %USERPROFILE%\.virtualbox\harddisks
- Rename or delete youwave_vm01.vdi
- Copy & rename youwave_vm01_golden.vdi to youwave_vm01.vdi

4) Re-install youwave
- Uninstall YouWave
- make sure you restart your PC
- Install Youwave again (NOTE: make sure you download youwave from here:

keyword: import apps via sidepanel

No network connection?


For apps installed thru sidepanel:
- Press windows + R
- type: %USERPROFILE%\youwave
- Delete the app (for example: whatsapp)
- Download again (WARNING: the sidepanel is known to corrupt downloading apps when double-clicking, click only ONCE and wait for the app to start downloading)
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