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How to add contacts
« on: August 26, 2013, 02:00:48 PM »
Add Individual Contact
- Click the contacts-icon in the dockable-app area
- Fill in your contacts details
- Click the add-contact icon in the upper-right corner
- Click Done in the upper-left corner

Import vcf (v-card)
- Import your vcf-file thru DropBox or YouWave's shared folder
- Click the contacts-icon in the dockable-app area
- Click the Menu button
- Click Import/Export
- Choose Import from Storage

Install Google Contact Sync
- Install Google Play Store & Login
- Download GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk to %USERPROFILE%\youwave (use your PC browser)
- Install APK from SidePanel (Google C...)
- Contacts should automaticly be downloaded

If it doesnt download contacts, go to youwave emulator:
- Settings > Accounts & Sync
- [Turn on & Click] your account
- [CHECK] Sync Contacts
*Google Contact Sync must be installed

Contacts added after installation of Google Contact Sync will automaticly be uploaded to your Google Contacts account
Contacts added prior to installation of Google Contact Sync can be exported & added thru v-cards at


*path to contacts db, inside youwave (requires root previleges)

*path to contacts db, via mounting software (eg: winmount)
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