About Android ID


Update Android ID at your own risk. Android ID is not secure to be used to associate with online identities. The following steps for chaning Android ID is experimental. We do not recommend to change the Android ID to create new identities as such identities are not secure. Use It At Your Own Risk.

Create New Android ID

Home Version: Perform Android Factory Reset on Home Version.
Basic Version: Reinstall the program or follow the following instruction to manually create a new Android ID

Backup your Android ID

1. Click on “Home”
2. Click on “Apps” icon in between the phone and globe icons. The panels displaying all the installed apps appears.
3. Locate and click on “Dev Tools”
4. Scroll down to “Terminal Emulator” and click on it. The display changes to text-based terminal with blue background.
5. Type in the command “su”, and then “cat /sdcard/Id”.
6. The 18-character string is your Android ID. Copy it down and keep it.
7. Verify that your new Android ID is taking into effect by using an app that shows Android ID
8. If your new Android ID shows “badcafe8deadbeef”. Something is wrong in the manual process. Restore the android ID.

Restoring Android ID

1.After upgrading Youwave, follow steps 1-5 above.
2. Assuming your previously recorded Android ID is “123456789012345678”, type in the command “echo 123456789012345678 > /sdcard/Id”. (case sensitve).