New version 2.2.0 supports some international keyboard layouts

We have released our new version 2.2.0. It has to support for several international keyboard layouts. Namely, they are:

American, Arabic(testing), Finnish, French ,German,Ireland,Japanese,Russian,Spanish(Latin America),Swedish,UK.

The Arabic keyboard layout is still under test. None of us here reads Arabic, so we need your comments.

By default, the layout is American English. To change the keyboard layout, following these steps:

1. Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Keyboard layout setting -> Select one.
2. Click “Back” a few times to return to Home.
3. Close YouWave by shutting down Android.
4. Restart YouWave. Now you should have a new keyboard layout.

This is a new feature so we welcome your feedback.

Future works: a) Able to auto-detect your physical keyboard layout and set it automatically. b) Eliminate the need to shutdown and restart YouWave. b) Support more varieties.