A tip on how to search for an APK file

Usually people search for an APK file using the terms related to that particular app. Here is one tip to help you quickly find an app. To search for an apk file, knowing the filename is the key. To find out the filename, you can go to appbrain.com and get the description of the app. For example , for app DirecTV, type in “directv” in appbrain.com and get the link about this app – http://www.appbrain.com/app/directv/com.directv.dvrscheduler#. The filename is right there on the URL – com.directv.dvrscheduler. Now you have the keyword “dvrscheduler”. Add this keyword to your search terms and you will find the apk file in no time.

CHIP Online in Europe becomes our download partner

We are pleased to announce that YouWave for Android (2.0.0), has been included in the download section of CHIP Online. CHIP Online has high speed servers that will help people in Europe and Asia to fast download YouWave software. Click here to download YouWave from CHIP Online server.

Running Whatsapp on Windows PC, enabling free texting on desktop

We are pleasantly surprised that some users have managed to use YouWave as a texting tool by running Whatsapp on their PCs.

Email from Deployed Soldier

We received an email from a U.S. deployed soldier during the weekend. “I am a deployed soldier currently in Afghanistan. Your program is one of the few ways I am able to keep in touch with my family at home.” “Thank you very much for your great work with this program as an IT guy I enjoy this very much.” PFC Walston, Jeffrey A. U.S. Army´╗┐