What are we up to these days?

Dear users, We have been heads down, working like hell these days. Since our product launch last August, we have received many suggestions about our product. Here, I personally thank all your inputs. Along the way, we faced many challenges. It is your feedback and even criticisms that have helped us. YouWave is a complex product and it was delivered by a small and efficient team. Recently, we crossed a milestone. The number of downloads has exceeded 100,000. As we have spent zero dollars on promoting our product, it is a great achievement. We could not have achieved this without the help of you and Android communities. Our new release 2.0.0 is coming up. It will have more features, improved user interface and product stability. We will have a new look of website as well.  I look forward to serving you. Together we embrace the exciting world of Android on PC. Sincerely, Eugene