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Android OS Not Ready / YouWave Not Starting

Important Preflight-check:
- Make sure you have YouWave installed on drive C:\
- Make sure you dont have VirtualBox installed. VirtualBox and YouWave are incompatible
- Make sure youwave_vm01.vdi is not mounted nor being used by another program (like WinMount or PowerISO)
- Some anti-virus programs can prevent YouWave from installing or block essential parts like
vboxSDL.exe (Read FAQ 4)
- If your computer is running windows XP make sure you have .NET framework 2 installed _________________________________________________________

A) Re-install YouWave (Follow these steps accordingly):
- uninstall first
- Restart your computer
- install YouWave

Proceed to section B if problem persists

B) Reset Android OS: (Also works for: android.process.acore error)

Home users:
File → Android Factory Reset

Basic users:
- Go to Start → Run (or press Windows + R)
- Copy and paste the bold text to the dialog box: %USERPROFILE%\.Virtualbox\HardDisks
- Delete or rename youwave_vm01.vdi
- Copy and rename youwave_vm01_golden.vdi to youwave_vm01.vdi

NOTE: youwave_vm01_golden.vdi is a formatted Virtual Disk Image, keep a copy at all times.

Proceed to section C if problem persists

C) If the above doesnt fix your problem, post the next 2 files to info@youwave.com or our forum

Include the details of your problem to the mail or post, allow at least 24 hours for support to reply.
PS: If YouWave was working before, report all changes of your computer (including software / hardware updates)

Time out of sync

- Settings
- Date & Time
- [check] Automatic Date & Time

You can also try ClockSync, instructions here:

Android ID & IMEI

ID locations:
IMEI/MEID = Hardcoded in the VDI files (Location: %USERPROFILE%\.Virtualbox\HardDisks).
Android ID = /sdcard/Id (inside YouWave)

Terminal Backup / Restore
Home-users: click the small tiled-icon in the upper-right corner of the home-screen, than "Terminal Emulator"
Basic-users: click the tiled-icon in the bottom-center of the home-screen, than "Dev Tools" → "Terminal Emulator"

*Backup Android ID via Terminal:

cp /sdcard/Id /sdcard/c/Id.txt

Restore Android ID via Terminal:

cat /sdcard/c/Id.txt > /sdcard/Id

Display Android ID via Terminal:

cat /sdcard/c/Id

*TIP: Click View → Open Shared Folder and copy Id.txt to another location

If you insert a invalid Android ID, you'll get the following error:
YouWave ANDROID_ID is badcafe8deadbeef. It is NOT correctly set.
Please do not use this YouWave instance to link with other accounts.

Set a correct Android ID or reset your android installation as described in FAQ 1B

vboxSDL.exe and installer deletion

A) What causes vboxSDL.exe error?
Certain anti-virus programs block vboxSDL.exe as the result of false positives, effectively quarantining or deleting a essential part of the youwave emulator. We advice users that experience this problem to report this on YouWave's forum or FB page so we that can address the issue

B) Installer deleted upon download?
Some antivirus features like Norton's Download Inteligence, delete the YouWave installer without the user's consent. Just as the vboxSDL.exe error: We advice users that experience this problem to report this on YouWave's forum or FB page so that we can address the issue

C) Provide the anti-virus name & edition in the following topic:

PS: Windows Security may also ask you to block "VBoxSDL.exe",with the option not to ask again. Making re-installation attempts fail. This claim is still being investigated.

Importing Files

A) Home Users
To import files select (View → Open Shared Folder) from the menu-bar
Files placed in the shared folder will appear inside YouWave under the following directory /sdcard/c

Shared Folder Locations:
PC directory: C:\Users\Public
YouWave directory: /sdcard/c

The shared files are accesible with the following apps:
- Gallary
- Open Manager (at /sdcard/c)
- 3rd party File Managers (eg: ES File Manager)

Windows XP users should manually create C:\Users\Public.

B) Basic Users:
Basic Users should use the dropbox method:

Android App issues / ARM Native Code Error

A) App force closes / ARM Native Code Error

B) WhatsApp specific issues
WhatsApp FAQ

Mount [/System] as writable, with Super User enabled?

This feauture is currently unavailable, but we will make it available in the future


User Accounts (Multiple Users)

Every Windows User Account has its own unique disk space in YouWave.
Meaning everyone can install there own apps & files, without interfering with other Users.

PS: VirtualBox & YouWave are incompatible within the same User Account

Network Problems

A) Known Issue
There is a known issue that disables the internet on the first time run. Restarting YouWave should fix the problem.
If that doesn't work try the NOTES below section B.
Proxy users proceed to section B

B) How to setup proxy (for Home users only):
- Start YouWave Home
- Click the tiles-icon in the upper-right corner of the Home-screen
- Click Settings Icon
- Click Proxy Settings

NOTE1: If you can't login to Google Play or other Android apps. The cause could be that your computer relies on a proxy or VPN connection. YouWave's internal wifi settings should not be touched.
NOTE2: Issues with (primary) DNS-server also could cause problems, check if you can access the following IP-address thru the YouWave browser (Google), if so there is a issue with your (primary) DNS server.
NOTE3: In some cases (router) firewalls & proxies block network-connections of certain apps

Do not bother with the wifi-toggle, YouWave emulates a wifi-connection without sliding it on

C) For whatsapp users unable to connect to the internet:
- Make sure YouWave's internal browser is able to connect to the internet
IF NOT: Make sure your computer is connected to the internet & that YouWave's proxy settings are correct

- Make sure there's no firewall (PC, router or proxy) blocking required ports.
We're not sure what ports are required for WhatsApp, but we believe:

- TCP/80
- TCP/443
- TCP/5222
- TCP/5223
- TCP/5228

This is non-conclusive data
Apps like Network Connections (by Anti Spy Mobile) can be used to determine what ports WhatsApp relies on

Debugging using Charles Web


How to use Charles Web Debugging Proxy with YouWave Home:
You can use YouWave Home version together with Charles Web Debugging Proxy to analyze networking packets in your app of interest or YouWave's internal browser. Follow these simple steps:
1. Add an HTTP proxy in Charles: Menu Proxy→Proxy Settings... Enter Http Proxy Port number. The default is 8888.
2. In YouWave, enable Proxy server: Settings→Proxy setting. Enter proxy hostname: and port number same as the port number in Step 1 (8888 in default). Note: is the local host IP address from Android's point of view.
3. Now Start browser in YouWave. You should be able to see the packets on Charles.

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